Terms of service

Article 1 Terms of use

1. These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms of Use") are based on the game application "Dcard - Hold'em Poker Online" provided by Groot Limited Company (the "Company"). Between customers (hereinafter referred to as “users”) who use (including “services associated with the application” and “the application” and associated services are referred to as “associated services”) In between, it defines the conditions for using this app.

2. The user uses this application (downloads this application, purchases items, etc. in this application (defined in Article 5 Paragraph 2), or uses the accompanying services. Including, but not limited to, these) are deemed to have agreed to these Terms of Use. If the user does not agree to these Terms of Use, this app cannot be used.

3. These Terms of Use may be changed without prior notice to the user for the convenience of our company. Unless otherwise specified, the changed Terms of Use shall take effect from the time displayed on this application. If the user uses this application after changing these Terms of Use, it is considered that they have agreed to the changed Terms of Use, and the changed Terms of Use shall be applied.

4.If the user is a minor, we will use this application with the consent of legal representatives such as parental authority.

Article 2 User's use of this application

1. The user shall be able to use this application within the range determined by the Company according to the conditions such as age and usage environment.

2. We may send notifications, advertisements and other notification messages to users in connection with the operation of this application.

3. The user can register a nickname when using this application. However, if we determine that there is a reason below, registration of the nickname will not be accepted and the user may not be able to use the nickname.

(1)When it is clear that it refers to a specific person
(2)When the intellectual property rights or other rights of others may be infringed
(3)When there is a risk of dislike for others
(4)If obscene language is included or has such an expression
(5)If we determine that the registration should not be accepted

4. We are limited to mobile devices that allow users to use the mobile device that the user uses this application (OS "iOS" provided by Apple Inc. or OS "Android" provided by Google Inc. below. A guest account that is set for each device (hereinafter referred to as "guest account"), or an account created by performing user registration using an email address or Facebook account (hereinafter referred to as "registration"). You can use your account.). The guest account is the same If you use a different mobile terminal with this application, another guest account will be set, and you cannot use the guest account on another mobile terminal. Registered accounts can also log in on another device by authenticating the account (email address and password if registering with an email address, login to Facebook account if registering with Facebook account) can. The user uses the game information of each account (in-app currency held, and other information linked to the account in the game provided by this application. The same applies hereinafter) with another account. You cannot do or add up.

5. When using this app, the user must register the correct date of birth when requested by us. In addition, the user must not allow us to obtain information such as false IP address by connecting using VPN (Virtual Private Network). The Company shall not be liable for any damage to users caused by the fact that the registered information is inaccurate or false or caused by the Company to obtain false information.

6. The user must register a password that meets the conditions set by the Company if it is necessary to register a password to use the incidental service.

7. We do not care whether or not the content (text, images, videos (videos) and other information posted or transmitted by the user using this application is disclosed to other users. Etc.)) may be browsed to the extent necessary for operating this application or confirming the status of compliance with these Terms of Use. The user consents to the viewing of this post etc. by our company in advance. In addition, if the Company determines that this Post, etc. violates these Terms of Use, it will delete the main Post, etc. without prior notice to the user, or the user or other users will not be able to view the Main Post, etc. Shall be able to.

8.If the Company determines that it is necessary to protect this application and other rights and assets of the Company, or the life, body or property of a third party, within the necessary range, these posts, etc. Can be disclosed or provided to the public institutions of.

9. The user shall acquire and maintain the mobile terminal necessary for accessing or using this application at his own risk and expense. Users are responsible for the communication charges associated with the use of this app. The user's rights and obligations to us regarding this application are exclusive to that user and cannot be transferred.

Article 3 User management obligations


(1)The user's own account information (account ID, user name, game information and other information linked to the account set by us from each company. The same applies hereinafter) and the password registered in paragraph 6 of the preceding article , It can be used only for the purpose of using this app and should not be used by a third party. The user shall not disclose, lend, sell, donate, or transfer account information to a third party without the consent of the Company.
(2)When a user registers a password for this application, the user shall manage the password as a secret.
(3)We will use this application with your account (including, but not limited to, use of this application, termination of use or registration of password), or use of this application with the registered password. If there is, it can be considered that the user himself/herself used it. All results caused by such use shall belong to the user himself and we shall not be liable.
(4)If a user discovers an unauthorized use of his account or password, he will immediately notify us and make reasonable efforts to rectify it.
(5)If any damage is caused to us or a third party due to unauthorized use of your account or password, the user shall compensate the damage to the third party.

2.Communication tool

(1)As ancillary services, we provide users with communication tools such as messenger tools that send content to other users within this application, group chats and bulletin boards that allow users to exchange opinions on specific topics (collectively, hereafter). "This tool") may be provided. Users shall use this tool at their own discretion and responsibility, and we shall not be obligated to back up the content posted or sent by this tool.
(2)The user who created the group chat or bulletin board etc. used between the users of this application (hereinafter referred to as "group chat etc.") is the administrator of such group chat etc. (hereinafter referred to as "administrator"). You might. In this case, the user who became the administrator manages whether other users can participate in group chats, etc., and we are not responsible for the content posted on group chats, information and other materials. I shall not bear it.
(3)The administrator is obliged to manage the content posted by other users of this application to the group chat etc. Other users who participate in group chat, etc. may delete the content by the administrator or place it in a state where it cannot be viewed if the administrator determines that the content posted by the user may violate this agreement. I agree to be The administrator may have the same responsibility as the person who posted the content in the group chat etc. that it manages.
(4)The administrator can nominate another user of this application as a new administrator (hereinafter referred to as "new administrator"). If the new administrator agrees, the new administrator can succeed to the rights and obligations of the former administrator such as the group chat.
(5)In the following cases, we may close or delete group chats or change the administrator.
1) When the administrator leaves group chat etc. without assigning a new administrator
2) When the administrator account is suspended or deleted
3) When we judge that the use or purpose of the group chat etc. violates these Terms of Use
4) If we determine that it is necessary

Article 4 privacy policy

1.We handle user's personal information and other privacy information properly in accordance with our privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as "privacy policy"). The privacy policy is posted on this app, so please check this before using this app.

2.We do not guarantee that the information on or obtained through this app is complete, accurate or up to date. We are not responsible for your use or reliance on this information.

Article 5 suspension/deletion of account

1.We may suspend or delete the user's account temporarily or permanently if the user falls under any of the following reasons. However, we do not take any responsibility for the damage of the user caused by the suspension.

(1)If the user violates these Terms of Use
(2)When the user's registration information or this post contains expressions that insult, slander or dislike a third party, or expressions that offend public order and morals.
(3)Users are antisocial forces (gangs, gangsters, associates of gangsters, companies related to gangsters, general assembly stores, social movements, etc. or special intelligence violence groups, etc. , Or if the Company determines that it is cooperating or involved in the maintenance and operation of antisocial forces, etc.
(4)When we determine that the use of this application by other users is inappropriate

2.When the Company permanently suspends or deletes the user's account, the user is entitled to receive in-app currency, items or other goods or services provided at the time of suspension (hereinafter referred to as "items"). .) and associated services (including the right to view previously posted/sent content on the associated service, and so on), at the same time as the suspension of your account.

Article 6 End of use

1.The user can terminate the use of this application by uninstalling this application from the mobile terminal.

2.If the user terminates the use of this application based on the preceding paragraph, the user shall lose the right to use the item and other services owned at the time of termination and the right to use the associated service at the same time as the end of the use.

3.We may retain information about the user (personal information or all information related to the content of the user) even after the user has finished using this application, but we have no obligation to keep the information. It is not a burden.

Article 7 Intellectual property rights


The user only has content such as sentences, images, videos, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "this content") that has the necessary intellectual property rights such as copyright, or has the necessary permission of the right holder. You may post using the service.


The user (or right holder of this content) shall retain the intellectual property rights including the copyright of this content as before. However, the Company can use the content on the Company and sites affiliated with the Company after performing processing deemed necessary by the Company within the scope of the purpose of providing, advertising, or promoting the application. I shall. The user shall not exercise the author's personal right or the performer's personal right with respect to the use of the Company's content under this section, and the author's personal right or the performer with respect to the relevant use of the Company with the right holder of the content. By using this app, you agree not to exercise your moral rights.


Except for this content posted by users, all copyrights and other intellectual property rights relating to this application and all information related to this application belong to us or the right holder who licenses us. Users may copy, transfer, lend, translate, modify, reprint, send to the public (including enabling sending to the public), transfer, distribute, publish, use for business, etc. Shall not.

Article 8 Code of conduct

1.Users shall comply with the law and respect the rights and dignity of third parties. The user agrees not to engage in the cheating described below.

(1)Acts that seek unauthorized profits for yourself or a third party regarding the use of this application

1)By using fraudulent activities, bugs, automated software, bots, hacks, unauthorized modification (mods), or other unauthorized third party software, or by using bugs, errors, or flaws in specifications of this application. Including but not limited to:
2)You agree that if you find a bug or error in this App, you will not notify anyone other than us.

(2)Posting, sending, or making available the following in connection with this application

1)Material that can be applied to
ⅰCauses of criminal or civil liability
ⅱFacilitating criminal acts
ⅲProviding information that promotes or introduces illegal acts or acts such as hacking, cracking, and freeking
2)Viruses, worms, Trojans, Easter eggs, time bombs, spyware and other computer code, files or programs such as:<
ⅰPotentially harmful or invasive
ⅱAnything that can damage or take over the operation of hardware, software or other equipment
ⅲWhat is or is intended to monitor the use of hardware, software or other equipment
3)Unsolicited advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters, MLM or investment opportunities and solicitation
4)Non-public information of a company or its materials without proper permission

(3)Personal information identifying the user of this app, or to inflict slander, abuse, harassment, harassment, threatening, or other legal rights of third parties (including but not limited to privacy rights or portrait rights). The act of using this app to collect

(4)The act of deleting the display of copyright, trademark or other property rights displayed on this application or the materials derived from this application

(5)Acts that interfere with the operation of this application or the server or network that provides this application. This act includes imposing an unreasonably or disproportionately heavy load on this application, the server or network for this application, or violating the requirements, procedures, policies, or rules of these networks.

(6)The act of creating a database, etc. by downloading, holding or using information and materials on this application or by the system via this application.

(7)To retrieve, index, extract (scrape), collect by information mining or other information and material available on or through the App without our prior written consent. , Or the act of using robots, spiders, site search/analysis applications or other manual or automatic devices to avoid or duplicate the navigation structure or display of this application.

(8)The act of using this application with the intent to create or help create unauthorized software, automated software, bots, hacks, unauthorized modification (mods) or other unauthorized third party software.

(9)Modification, alteration, creation of adaptation, translation, reverse engineering, decompilation or disassembly of any part of this application

(10)Actions that restrict or hinder the use of this application by third parties, such as hacking or rewriting a part of this application.

(11)Creating a frame or mirror of any part of this app without our prior written consent.

Article 9 Third-party services

1.In this application, links to third party websites, third party applications, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "third party applications, etc.") may be presented. When a user uses these third party applications, etc., they shall use it at their own risk in accordance with the terms of use and privacy policy of the third party. Regarding these third party applications, etc. and products and services provided by third party applications, etc., or the acts or omissions of third parties, the third party operator who provides them is responsible, and we We do not take any responsibility.

2.Third party websites may provide links to this app with or without our consent. We are not responsible for any damages you incur in connection with these third party websites.

Article 10 Use of in-app currency

1.Purchase of in-app currency, items, etc. is not required to use this app. Some of this app may require in-app currency, points or chips (hereinafter referred to as "in-app currency") to play. A certain amount of these in-app currencies will be offered to you when you create a new account on the App and will be offered again after a certain period of time. If these in-app currencies provided by us become less than the value required to use this app, you can purchase additional in-app currencies and continue playing, but purchase is not mandatory.

2. The user does not have ownership of the account created by the user while using this app. In addition, the user does not have ownership of the in-app currency associated with the account created by the user (regardless of whether they have earned or purchased). Ownership of all accounts and in-app currencies of this app belongs to us. Until the end of use of this application, the user is given only the right to use the account created by himself and the in-app currency acquired or purchased in the account.

3.In-app currency amounts do not represent a real currency of any kind and do not hold an equivalent value.

4.We are not responsible for any loss caused by hacking in-app currency or for any other reason, unless we are willful or grossly negligent. In addition, we do not assume any obligation for in-app currency lost due to breach of these Terms or other reasons. The user agrees that we do not have to refund the in-app currency for any reason.

5. Unless required by law or determined to be unavoidable, we cannot refund or reissue the in-app currency. If we cannot confirm that the user who submitted the measure for refund or reissue is a holder of a valid in-app currency, we can refuse the measure for refund or reissue. In addition, it is prohibited to sell, transfer, exchange for cash in-app currency, set collateral rights in in-app currency, or share with third parties.

6. If the user does not pay for paid in-app currency, violates these Terms of Use, or we suspect fraud, fraudulent or illegal activity in connection with your account, in-app currency or digital items. If it is determined that there is any other justifiable reason, the Company can immediately take the following actions without notifying the user.

(1) Suspension or restriction of access to in-app currency in the user's account and suspension of access to digital items and our apps by the user.
(2)Suspension or cancellation of part or all of in-app currency held by the user or account

7. In principle, we do not handle the transfer of in-app currency between accounts even if the user acquires or holds multiple accounts.

8. We may limit the number of in-app currencies that you may acquire at one time or hold in your account.

9. Users can pay for the purchase price of the in-app currency with a mobile terminal carrier, credit card, etc. through the Apple App Store or Google play store (hereinafter, payment by the mobile terminal carrier is called "carrier payment", Collective payment companies that make payments by carrier and credit cards are collectively called "external payment vendors".) However, depending on the mobile device used, some payment methods may not be available.
We are not responsible for the selection and use of payment methods by users. Resolve payment method disputes between you and Apple Inc. or Google play store or an external payment vendor directly.
Purchase of in-app currency shall be completed when the user clicks the purchase button on the final confirmation screen when purchasing in-app currency. Unless otherwise specified in these Terms of Use, we will not be able to refund the purchase price of in-app currency after completing the purchase. Although we will issue the in-app currency immediately after confirming that the user has purchased the in-app currency, the issue of the in-app currency may be delayed due to system and other reasons.

10.All consumption taxes and other taxes and fees applicable to the acquisition, use and license of in-app currency and digital items in this app are the responsibility of the user.

11. Even if the user cannot use this app due to the reason attributable to us, the user cannot escape the obligation to pay the purchase price of the in-app currency based on these Terms of Use. In addition to the purchase price of in-app currency, communication charges will be charged separately for purchasing in-app currency and using digital items in in-app currency.
When a minor purchases an in-app currency, be sure to get the parent's or parent's consent in advance.
For system failure, inspection of system maintenance and other safety management, if we determine that it is necessary, acquisition or use of in-app currency may be stopped.

12. In the case of in-app currency acquisition, if errors occur regarding price, description, order confirmation, order processing, issue, etc., we will correct these errors and if necessary, the number of in-app currency acquisition etc. accordingly. You can modify (including billing the correct rate) or cancel your in-app currency acquisition.

Article 11 Changes to this application, etc.

1.We will change, suspend, or stop this App (including but not limited to specifications, rules, and accompanying services) at any time without notice to you if we determine it is necessary. It shall be possible to cancel.

2.In this application, regarding the items etc. provided to the user, the user only has the right to use the item etc. within the range stipulated in this application, and the right holder other than our company owns It does not acquire any ownership rights, intellectual property rights, or other rights of the items.

3.The Company may transfer the status under these Terms of Use to other individuals or corporations without prior written consent of the user if there is a reason such as organizational change.

Article 12 Prohibited acts

1.Our company prohibits acts that we judge to be applicable to the following items regardless of the user's willfulness or negligence regarding the use of this application (The following acts do not mean any service or function of the user's application) Regardless of whether it is done or not, it is a prohibited act.)

(1)Antisocial behavior

1)Acts that violate laws or public order and morals
2)Criminal acts or acts that give notice, involvement, or promote this
3)Acts such as posting and registering information including false or misleading information
4)Acts that impose a burden on the server beyond the range of normal use, acts that promote it, other acts that operate or provide this application or interfere with the use of this application by other users, or act that causes trouble
5)Acts that infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party (patent rights, trademark rights, copyrights, trade secrets, etc.)
6)Acts that infringe on the credit or honor of a third party or infringe the privacy rights, portrait rights or any other rights of a third party.
7)Posting words or other expressions that may beautify, induce, or promote beautification, self-harm, substance abuse, etc.
8)The act of harassing or slandering a third party
9)Discrimination based on ethnicity, race, sex, age, etc., or the act of posting expressions that lead to it.

(2)Obscenity/Violent Expression/Dating Purpose

1)Mosaic, regardless of presence or absence of blurring, nude with high exposure including underwear, up of the chest and buttocks, photos with exposed genitals, etc. Posting and posting of sexual acts, words corresponding to genitals, and other obscene expressions
2)The act of posting other expressions such as grotesque photos and images, words, etc. that make general users uncomfortable regardless of the presence or absence of violent expressions
3)Posting sexually explicit expressions within this application or expressions intended for them
4)Acts that lead to sites with age restrictions, such as adult sites, including acts such as linking
5)The act of introducing adult-related products using this application
6)Acts that the Company determines that the purpose is to request or induce a meeting, regardless of gender or sex
7)In addition, posting of images, words, etc. that are judged to adversely affect the personality formation of minors (tattoos, drinking of minors, smoking etc.)

(3)Commercial act

1)Information for the purpose of selling or exchanging goods and services (including advertising, notification, solicitation of them) regardless of profit or non-profit purpose (even if it is information such as free seminars, etc. Is prohibited if it is a seminar, etc. that sells or concludes a contract.) Posting a message or sending a message (however, this is not permitted by our company.)
2)The user uses this application provided by the Company for commercial purposes (use, reproduction, reproduction, copying, sale, resale, etc. regardless of form), in whole or in part. , Except those approved by our company.)
3)All information obtained by the user through this application is copied, sold, published, published, or otherwise used for any purpose other than private use as an individual, and the same applies to third parties other than the user. Acts that cause acts
4)Multiple postings and postings (including multi-posts, spam, chain messages, etc.) of the same purpose using message tools for the purpose of advertisement, announcement, solicitation, etc., communication tools such as group chats and bulletin boards, etc., and bulletin boards Posting on a bulletin board, etc. that seems to be different from the purpose of the participant
5)The act of posting or transmitting the information listed below.
ⅰInformation about soliciting third parties such as mouse classes, chain messages, multilevel marketing, etc.
ⅱInformation that guides you to sites that generate points or other profits through affiliates or invitations (excluding those recognized by our company).)
ⅲInformation including information products
6)Collecting or storing personal information of other users, or attempting to carry out these acts

(4)Personal information posting

1)Posting information that can identify an individual such as an individual's email address, telephone number, license plate, financial institution account number, address, etc.
2)The act of impersonating a third party by posting and registering false information (including personal information such as name, date of birth, email address, address, etc.). Also, even if the user himself/herself has obtained permission, an act other than the user himself/herself will use this application by using the user's account.


1)Indiscriminately sending chat, requesting friends, requesting bulletin board participation, posting messages
2)Political and religious activities (excluding those authorized by our company.)
3)A user whose account has been suspended due to a violation, and who uses this application again
4)Inviting a user whose account has been suspended due to a violation, intentionally or by mistake
5)The act of using one user account by multiple people
6)Act of transferring some or all of the usage rights granted to the user of this application by a method other than the method specified by our company
7)An act of exchanging or partly exchanging all or part of the usage right granted to the user of this application for cash or other property or profit on property, or advertising, notifying, or soliciting the exchange transaction.
8)An act of exchanging transactions between a part of the usage rights of each application between different users of this application, or the act of advertising, notifying, or soliciting the exchange transaction.
9)Indiscriminately recording a large amount of access history for the purpose of inducing access
10)Use of this application to promote activities of anti-social forces or to directly or indirectly provide profits to anti-social forces.
11)Other acts that the Company judges to be inappropriate based on reasonable reasons

Article 13 Disputes with third parties

1.In the event of a dispute between the user and a third party (including other users of this app) regarding the use of this app by the user, the dispute will be borne by the user who is the party to the dispute and at the cost. Shall be resolved. If the Company, other users or a third party suffers damage due to or in connection with the dispute, such user shall compensate for it.

2.The user is responsible for all claims that the user has caused or related to the posted content (including claims relating to the user's violation of these Terms of Use or infringement of the rights of a third party). It shall be resolved at the user's responsibility and expense.

3.When the user infringes the rights of a third party and the Company incurs compensation or other expenses for claims and claims from the third party, the user who is the party to the dispute will be indemnified Expenses (including lawyer fees) will be borne.

Article 14 Separability of law

1.If any provision of these Terms of Use is determined to be in conflict with the law or is not legally binding in relation to any party, then that provision is in conflict with the law or is legally binding. To the extent determined to have no power, it shall be deemed invalid, and all other provisions of these Terms of Use shall remain valid.

Article 15 Disclaimer

1.Disclaimer of warranty liability

(1)The customer acknowledges that the contents and provision method of this application may change daily. We do not guarantee the existence of this application, the content, or the durability of the provision method.

(2)We do not guarantee any of the following matters regarding this application, and we will not take any responsibility unless we have intentional or gross negligence。

1)There are no bugs or other flaws in this application, and the integrity and certainty of this application
2)The app can be used without interruption in any environment, works on all mobile devices, etc.
3)Completeness, accuracy, applicability, and usefulness of information provided on this application and all other information obtained by customers using this application
4)The transmission information and game information are not lost, and other information integrity is complete.
5)This application does not infringe any other rights such as intellectual property rights of third parties

(3)Customers shall use this application at their own discretion, and try to avoid excessive use that disturbs a healthy living environment. The Company shall not be liable for any social, mental or physical damages caused to the customer due to use that deviates from the proper range according to the social norm.

(4)We are not responsible for any damages caused to you by unauthorized access to this application, invasion of computer viruses, or other acts of third parties, unless we have a willful or gross negligence.


(1)The user shall be able to claim compensation for damages to the Company only if there is a reason attributable to the Company for damages caused by or related to the use of this application. In addition, except in the case of our intentional or gross negligence, the user, in any case, the damage that is subject to compensation for damages is directly and normally caused by the reason attributable to our company. Agree to be limited to a range of damages, and that the cumulative amount of damages we indemnify for users is limited to the total amount of money we have paid from such users in connection with this app. To do.

(2)We will not accept any damage caused to the user due to reasons such as loss, theft of the mobile terminal where the user downloads this application, existing or unauthorized use of the user's account by a third party, etc. We shall not be held responsible.

Article 16 Governing law, arbitration, jurisdiction

These Terms of Use are governed by and construed in accordance with Japanese law. All disputes arising out of or related to these Terms of Use shall have the Tokyo District Court as the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance.

Established April 16, 2021